How to apply LIPSENSE


For best results, LipSense products MUST be applied to clean, dry lips. Witch Hazel works well for this or you can use any other mild astringent. Do not lick your lips immediately before applying LipSense lip color.

Shake the LipSense tube for 10-15 seconds prior to application.

LipSense is applied by using a layering technique. To apply properly, begin at the corner of mouth and use one long stroke to cover the entire lip. DO NOT RUB lips together. Keep lips apart, and follow the natural shape of lips starting at the outer corner of the mouth. With one continual stroke, apply one layer of LipSense from one corner to the other corner of the bottom lip, then one layer of color to the top lip. Move the applicator in one continuous direction. DO NOT rub back and forth like you would with regular lipstick- it will lift off the color kind of like a dry erase marker.

You will notice that your lips feel tacky as you are layering, this is because there is no moisture content in the LipSense lip color. The moisture is provided when you apply the LipSense gloss.

You may also notice a tingling or stinging sensation when you first start using LipSense. The sensation will stop once you have finished the application and applied the moisturizing gloss. The reason this happens is because your lips are dry. Dry lips can be caused by repeated use of wax and paraffin based lipsticks, which, by their nature, can cause the lip tissue to dry out. Once you use the LipSense and the moisturizing gloss on a regular basis your dry lips will be much more hydrated.

Let each layer dry completely before beginning the next layer. When the application of the third layer of color is complete and the color has set, apply one of the LipSense Moisturizing Glosses over the final layer.

Now you can rub your lips together and you will notice that your LipSense will not smear and your lips feel great!

The gloss will soak deep into your lips unlike regular lipstick. Once the gloss soaks in, you will need to reapply. DO NOT THINK YOUR LIPS DRIED OUT.You will need to reapply the shea butter gloss frequently during the first two weeks of using LipSense until the moisture content is built back up in your lips.

For maximum wearing time, LipSense should be applied in three layers.

LipSense liquid lip colors are removed by using Ooops! color remover. Ooops! is mostly used for outside lip corrections or if you make a mistake while applying (you should have one on hand just in case). After wearing LipSense for several hours or by the end of your day, you can remove with coconut oil, glycerine based soap (like Neutrogena) or applying Ooops remover all over.

In case you’re curious, here’s the science behind the LipSense lip color:

  • 1st layer of LipSense touches the lips and the pH level of the skin will begin to break down that first layer fastest.
  • 2nd layer of LipSense is protected by the first layer and is away from the skin’s pH so it will last longer.
  • 3rd layer of LipSense protects the second layer from the top down by keeping away friction, saliva, and the natural environment.

The third layer will start to break down or slowly get weakened just like the first layer, but from the top down. The second layer is in the middle between the first and third layers so it is protected by both and will last for the longest period of time.